All about Lake St. Louis Realty Group

Anchoring Your Dreams: The Lake Saint Louis Realty Story

Where Passion Meets Community: Building Your Future in Lake Saint Louis

At the heart of Lake Saint Louis Realty lies a profound passion for enriching lives through real estate and an unwavering commitment to the community we call home. Founded by long-time residents and seasoned entrepreneurs Alec Wardenburg and Hayley Branch, our realty firm embodies the spirit of Lake Saint Louis—a place where work and play harmonize, where neighbors are friends, and where every street, house, and shoreline holds a promise of home.

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful desire: to leverage our deep-rooted local knowledge and broad entrepreneurial experience to make a real difference in the lives of families looking to buy or sell their homes. At Lake Saint Louis Realty, we’re more than just real estate professionals; we’re your neighbors, committed to helping you anchor the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of in the community we all cherish.




    Hayley Branch

    Business Development/Owner